17 Oct

Yes – Relayer Album on Vinyl

I pulled out some Yes yesterday. I really love prog (progressive) music, new and old. Yes is one of those bands that just broke barriers and paved the way for whole genres of music to come. As a musician, prog music gives me what I want, as it is technical, emotional, experimental, and a whole list of -al’s that make it much more interesting to listen to than ordinary pop music.

Here is my review of the Yes live album, Yessongs.

So I got out the Relayer album and gave it a spin. It’s been a while since I listened to this. Rick Wakeman had left the band prior to this album, and was replaced by Patrick Moraz. Although, Vangelis (wrote Chariots of Fire, member of Aphrodite’s Child) almost joined. That would have been pretty cool.

You can find Yes – Relayer at Musicstack.

Yes- Relayer Album on Vinyl

In 1975, Relayer went to #5 on the Billboard Pop album chart. Although there are only three songs (two that are nine minutes, and one that is twenty one minutes), there were three singles released that were taken from the existing songs.

Track Listing for Yes – Relayer

Side one:

1. The Gates of Delirium

Side two:

1. Sound Chaser

2. To Be Over


1. Soon (MP3)

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2. Sound Chaser (Single version)

3. The Gates of Delirium (Studio run through)

This album is a lot different than some earlier Yes stuff. Patrick Moraz was using prototype synthezisers not yet released, and some of the percussion used were things out of junk yards like brakes and other metal car parts.

Relayer met with a lot of mixed feelings. Some said “This isn’t the Yes sound”. Other, more rational people, said “This is pretty experimental, let the band do what they want, it sounds cool”.

The main piece, The Gates of Delirium, is actually based on Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, so maybe that means you should read the book before listening.

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