06 Nov

Vinyl Records Have the Greatest Sound

I love the sound of vinyl records. I know that a lot of people out there have no idea what I’m talking about, but who cares. If you ask an audiophile which is better, a vinyl record, or a CD, almost every one of them will say vinyl is better.

The reason for this is because it is really a battle between digital and analog. Everyone loves digital music and movies, but the vary nature of digital loses information. It takes “snapshots” of sound, rather than the entire sound. Kind of hard to explain. Just believe me, records sound better.

Many people would disagree, remembering their grandpas records that were dirty, dusty, scratched up, and played on a cheap record player with the 50 year old dull needle. Well of course that would sound crappy. They also say that it is too hard to get good sound out of vinyl, you need a good record, good player with a good needle, and a good sound system, whereas with a CD, it sounds good anyway. True, but you still need a decent CD player (I’ve heard crappy ones), and a good sounding stereo.

I do agree that it takes more to get excellent sound out of a vinyl record, but many of us believe it is worth it. I don’t want to miss anything from the music.

Here’s is a good analogy, vinyl is to CD’s, as CD’s are to MP3’s. An MP3 can sound really good, if encoded at a really high bitrate, but it will never sound as good as the CD because it loses information. The CD is the same when compared to a record.

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  1. steve iverson Says:

    i had 7,000+ LPs at one time. NOW i have none. vinyl is a fetishist objectification that borders on the complete dismissal of reality.ever heard live music? true, often vinyl sounds best, sometimes CDs can sound just fine, as good as LPs. i have even heard MP3 (96/24)that sound phenomenal. at one time i had high speed reel to reel direct from master tapes that blew vinyl (even direct-to-disc) clean out of the water.funny how things progress?!

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