17 May

Vinyl Record Phono Preamp for Computers

I have talked about a couple of USB turntables before, and in particular the ION USB Turntable, but I have said that I don’t necessarily want to convert my vinyl and never listen to it again. It’s great to convert vinyl albums to MP3, but I still want my vinyl records.

Recently I moved into an office and decided that I wanted to have my records with me there rather than at home. However, I had no way to listen to them without buying one of these USB turntables. I already have a Technics table, and didn’t feel the need to buy another one.

After some research I found the Behringer PP400 Phono Preamp. This allowed me to plugin RCA into the preamp, then RCA to 1/8 inch cable right into my laptop. It also included a grounding plug for my Technics turntable.

There was a problem though. I still couldn’t hear anything on my Macbook. I did more research and found that I had to download a small program that would allow sound to pass through from the line in to the output. The older versions of OS X allowed you to do that, but not the one I was using. It’s called Line In from Rogue Amoeba.

Was it the greatest sound I ever heard? No. But when I needed my vinyl fix it did the job. I had a decent set of speakers with a sub-woofer on my desk and the records sounded good, although a little thin. In an office though, you don’t need, nor would I have been allowed to have a massive awesome sounding stereo.

I would definitely recommend this option if you are in a place where you can bring in your turntable and vinyl collection without bothering anyone.

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