Turntables, Cartridges, and More

Here are some products that I would recommend.

ION USB Turntable

This Ion USB Turntable allows you to record your vinyl albums straight to a computer. If you’ve read my blog you know how I feel about MP3’s, but they can be convenient.

Some of the reviews on this are saying that it does not have the greatest sound quality, but what would you expect. This is for ripping to MP3, not critical audiophile listening.

If you need to rip your vinyl LP’s, this is the easiest way to go. If you would like a better quality turntable, and still be able to rip MP3’s, check out the next option.

Numark TTX USB USB Turntable

This will do the same as the Ion USB Turntable. Except it is probably better quality. Many reviews on Amazon are rating this as a really good value. However, some say it is just a dressed up Ion Turntable.

I believe that this is a much better quality USB MP3 ripping turntable than the ION Turntable. It is from an established DJ equipment company, and plus it looks cooler.

Rip your vinyl albums to MP3 with the Numark TTX USB Turntable.

Technics SL-1200 MK2 Turntable

If you are looking for something a bit more substantial (less about MP3’s and more about sound quality), then check out the Technics SL-1200 MK2 Turntable below. This would probably be one of the better record players you could get for your money.

Grado Prestige Black .5 Inch Mount Turntable Cartridge

The guy I used to buy records from (I moved away from the shop unfortunately) used Grado cartridges, and his music sounded awesome.

“The Grado brought out most of the tonal accuracy and excitement and, though I have heard better reproduced, that was only with cartridges costing 10 times the price.” Gramaphone / John Borwick

This is a lower end choice of Grado cartridges, but I will guarantee it will sound better than most of the cartridges out there.

Grado Prestige Gold P Mount and .5 Inch Mount Turntable Cartridge


This will probably be one of the best cartridges you ever buy, unless you actually decide to spend around $1,000 on the Grado Statement Platinum Wood Cartridge. These phono cartridges go through real testing to see how good they are. They are then assigned a color based on the quality of sound. This is Gold.

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6 Responses to “Turntables, Cartridges, and More”

  1. Dave Hansan Says:

    I’m looking for a good sounding USB turntable that’s easy to use and that I can hook up to my stereo for the rare occassion when I want to pull out my old records. I have an old Pioneer belt drive turntable with an Ortofon cartridge that used to sound great but broke the cartridge some time ago. I’ve heard that getting a new cartridge and converting my analog table for use as a USB turntable is a good way to go. PLease help.
    Dave Hansan

  2. Ben Says:

    Dave, there are many turntables out on the market now that have USB on them, however, I haven’t seen any really good reviews as far as sound. Most of these tables are made cheaply and won’t give you the best sound quality.

    I would suggest that you get a good cartridge, and a RCA to USB cable adapter. I have seen some of these adapters before, and they range in price, but they would let you use your own turntable, and record straight to your computer.

    Hope that helps,
    Ben – The Classic Vinyl Record

  3. paul Says:

    try some of rega’s products. i have a p3-24. rega.co.uk

  4. technics fans Says:

    just 3 words: MK2 SL1200 FOREVER!!!

  5. jmp Says:

    Look into the Audio Technica USB LP120…I bought this one and have to say its one of the best turntables out. Modeled after the SL1200 series but without the 4 digit price tag. Change the cartridge and it rivals anything in the $600 price range. Plus it has a built in preamp so you can do line in if ur receiver does not have phono in.

  6. Kevin Smith Says:

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    Please check our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SimplyVinyl for important updates about vinyl records.

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