11 Feb

The Vinyl Killer – VW Bus Portable Record Player

Yes, you read that right. This little VW Bus looks like a Hot Wheel. But it plays records.

Thats just crazy. Why I would ever want to play that on most of my records is beyond me, but it is pretty cool.

Apparently, it only comes as a Volkswagen Bus. But it comes in many different colors, and even with flames.I really can’t tell what music that it is playing, it sounds pretty bad, but it almost sounds like Rick Dees with Disco Duck. There isn’t any singing though.

The only place that I can find that sells this is Juno. Just click the VW Bus.

Vinyl Killer Soundwagon Portable Record Player

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14 Responses to “The Vinyl Killer – VW Bus Portable Record Player”

  1. Michael Says:

    People pay a lot of moo-la for an Original Soundwagon in the original box. You can get a Vinyl Killer. Or there is a new version of the Soundwagon for about 90 bucks USD..

  2. dja Says:

    guys, can you tell me where toget a gadget like this?
    it would be the perfect present for a good friend of mine and JUNO doesn’t have it anymore… :(

  3. Ben Says:

    I have tried to find these Soundwagons other places, but they are almost always sold out. I don’t think the company makes very many of them. If I find them somewhere else, I will let you know.


  4. Brigitte Johnson Says:

    I have a bright yellow Soundwagon sitting here in CA. Perfect condition, with the original box. Works just perfect. Yes, the sound is twangy but that is the good part. In my mind this bus was made for a Willie Nelson record. Sounds great. For the right price Willie can go along with the bus.

  5. Brigitte Johnson Says:

    I have no ide where this is going, but I have a Soundwagon for sale. Perfect condition yellw.

  6. Stephen Says:

    So, how much for the soundwagon?

  7. dja Says:

    hi guys, thanks, for trying to help.

    @Brigitte Johnson: where could I contact you? I’m not registered on that Etsy thing :)

  8. Chris Says:

    Brigitte, how much are you asking? I live in CA also.


  9. dja Says:

    well? :)

  10. Peter Says:

    I’m listing my mint in box spun wagon from 1985 on eBay USA today. They’re cool and listed in radio museum;

    Dimensions (WHD) 115 x 65 x 60 mm / 4.5 x 2.6 x 2.4 inch
    Notes Soundwagon, “MusicMobile” or “Tamco Musical Toy Soundwagon VW Bus” is a special record player: It’s not the record that spins. The self running record player doesn’t need turntables but churns out music by driving round the record with a needle that is underneath the car. The bus is more of a novelty (Gadget) than any serious replacement for your turntable, as the speaker is quite small. Listening to music from a moving source can be quite disorientating. It is amazing to watch though! Colors available: at least white, red, blue, yellow and gold. It uses a 9-volt battery in the back hatch and has a motor for the wheels, along with a movable steering ‘needle’ to guide it on it’s way. You can find also some (white ones, with “GO! GO!” written to the sides) having University of Illinois decals. This means that somebody could order a certain quantity, branding them to anything.

  11. Mary Says:

    Hey Brigitte… What are you asking for the yellow bus mini record player ?? My son is an record guy and would love this … Thanks I’ll check back ..

  12. kim .. fb Kim Prince Carter Says:

    I have a yellow vs van vinyl record player.. find me on Facebook Kim Prince Carter

  13. Denise Says:

    Does anyone still own any one of this. looking to get one! please email me at der.knees@hotmail.com

  14. Adam C Says:

    If you are looking to buy one of these, you can find them on eBay.. Currently they sell for about $100-200 used, or $250 for one that’s in new condition. I got lucky and found a working one today in an antique store, guy said it wasn’t for sale.. Until I offered him $50.. And it works great.

    Great for a laugh, and I still drive old VW’s, so just something fun to have.

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