10 Oct

The Tubes – The Completion Backward Principle on LP

I really like The Tubes. I do think that a lot of their later stuff was much more pop than their earlier work. I love the original self titled album. It’s very different and almost prog.

The Completion Backward Principle is a pretty good example of 80’s New Wave, leaning towards pop, and it does have some good songs on it. It was the 6th studio album put out by the band, and it made it to #36 in 1981. The single, Talk To Ya Later went to #6 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. You can buy The Tubes at Musicstack.

The Tubes - The Completion Backwards Principle LP Cover

This album is supposed to be a little stab at corporate America I believe. The back cover has all of the band members is suits, looking very professional and yuppie-ish, with important sounding jobs appointed to them. For example;

Bill Spooner – Analyst, Guitar, Vocals

Michael Cotton – Trend, Synthesizers

Fee Waybill – Motivation, Lead Vocals

Roger Steen – Development, Guitar, Vocals

Prairie Prince – Systems, Drums

Vince Welnick – Accounts, Keyboards, Vocals

Rick Anderson – Policy, Bass

Haven’t we all heard important sounding titles that really don’t mean anything?

The Completion Backwards Principle Track listing

Side One

  1. Talk To Ya Later
  2. Sushi Girl
  3. Amnesia
  4. Mr. Hate
  5. Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman (mp3)

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Side Two

  1. Think About Me
  2. A Matter Of Pride
  3. Don’t Want To Wait Anymore
  4. Power Tools
  5. Let’s Make Some Noise

Overall, I don’t listen to this album very much. I really like The Tubes original and older stuff. It was much more experimental and almost on the verge of prog. This is a great album though, if you are into early new wave, and 80’s pop.

By the way, Fee Waybill has also appeared in the movies ‘Xanadu’ as a rock singer, a little known movie call ‘Ladies and Gentleman, the Stains’ as lead singer for the band The Metal Corpses, and also in ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ as one of the Three Most Important People in the World.

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  1. Jason Dudash Says:

    This was one of the best Tubes albums ever released!!! I have to say. I love this album. It was released In April Or May of 1981. This album Rocks!!!!!!

  2. Jason Dudash Says:

    If The New Metallica Album Is Too Loud, Just Turn The The Volume Down. How Hard Is That? Come On.

  3. Ben Says:


    Thanks for your comment, even if it’s on the wrong post.

    As far as the Metallica album being too loud, you missed the point. It was engineered at the peak levels so there is actually distortion at times when you listen to it. What people are saying is that there isn’t any variation in volume like every other album ever made. So it is very fatiguing to listen to.

    It has nothing to do with the volume on the stereo.


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