21 Apr

New Styli, Cartridges and Needles

As I was playing a record the other day, I started thinking to myself, “Man, what is wrong, am I hearing what digital dorks hear when they listen to a record? This doesn’t sound so great.” Then I put on a record that I know sounds good, and it sounded like crap.

It reminded me what Steve Martin said about his record player;

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I guess it was time for a new needle. I had been looking for them before, and I tell you what. The internet is full of really crappy sites where you can spend three hours looking for a stylus for your turntable, and still not find it.

Finally I found a site called LP Gear. Still not the greatest looking site, but it sure was easier to navigate than most of the others I found. I did find the one I needed too, even though it’s a cheap Pioneer, non-audiophile record player.

The cool thing was, that not only did it give me the needle I needed, it gave two upgraded ones that would still fit my turntable. So, being the pseudo audiophile that I am, I upgraded.

I am really looking forward to hearing my records sound good again, but since I am moving, I had to have the needle sent to my parents house so I don’t miss it at my old house, or the new house, and because I have to pack up the stereo. So I probably won’t be able to soak in the warm drippy analog sounds of the vinyl magic that we call records for another few weeks.

Where do you get your parts? Do you go online, or do you have a store near you?

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  1. D. Harrison Says:

    Turntableneedles.com………..best site bar none for ordering stylus!

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