23 Sep

Spotify Music Service For Hard to Find Albums

I have been using Spotify for a few months now, and I have to say that I love it. I don’t normally talk about services or programs, but I love this. I am not being paid in any way to say this.

I have barely touched iTunes since I got Spotify. There is so much music out there that I have never heard, and it makes it easy to find. Using the Related Artists tab, I have found more bands that I love than I ever knew existed.

The best thing about it is that there are bands that I can’t find anywhere else, they may have only made one album, or they just were not necessarily the greatest band, but I still want to hear them. I have found many of them on Spotify.

There are two paid levels, but I am just on the free one. With the top one you can stream music to your mobile device.

I know that this is a vinyl album blog, but you can’t take your vinyl with you. This you can. And it is much better quality than your average 128K MP3. The best thing is that once you find a new band (or old band you never heard of), you can then find the album on vinyl, and you’ll know that you like it already.

If you use Spotify now, what are some of the playlists you’ve made? Have you published them?

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