25 Jan

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother on 200 Gram Virgin Vinyl

Atom Heart Mother is, well, I was going to say one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums, but I can’t say that. I love Pink Floyd, and to say that this is my favorite, I just can’t do that. All of their albums have something that makes them great. However, this is one of my prize records.

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

The reason it sounds so good, is that it was recorded from the original master recording at half speed. It was then pressed onto 200 gram high definition vinyl. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs is the company that makes these records.

David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason have all said that this is not their favorite album. They really don’t like it much at all. A little overdone and ‘pompous.’ Personally, I don’t mind overdone and pompous music for the most part. However, in spite of how they feel about it, it went to #1 in the UK and #55 in the US. It eventually went Gold in the US in 1994, only 24 years after its release in 1970.

This is not an album that every one will enjoy sitting down and listening to. There are many albums out there that require more than just casual listening. This is one of them. With the entire first side of the album being one song, it’s not radio fodder.

Side One:

  1. Atom Heart Mother
    1. Father’s Shout
    2. Breast Milky
    3. Mother Fore
    4. Funky Dung
    5. Mind Your Throats Please
    6. Remergence

Side Two:

  1. If
  2. Summer ’68
  3. Fat Old Sun
  4. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast
      1. Rise and Shine
      2. Sunny Side Up
      3. Morning Glory

You can tell by just looking at the individual parts of the song Atom Heart Mother that this isn’t your normal ‘one size fits all’ music.

If you would like to buy this, you can get it on LP, but Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd is also on Musicstack in the same format as I have here.

Here is Pink Floyd’s If on MP3;

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As always You can also find this on Amazon on CD, LP, 8-Track (yeah right), cassette or MP3.

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