27 Nov

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Live 1975 – 85

Wow! What a collection. There are 5 records in this album. 40 songs. This is Bruce Springsteen at his best, live. All of the classics (Thunder Road, 4th of July Asbury Park, Fire, Born to Run, Born in the USA) are here, plus a whole lot more great stuff. This is the second best selling live album in US history. It went 13 times platinum.

You can buy Bruce Springsteen vinyl at Musicstack Records.

Two singles were released from the box set: “War” (a cover of the Edwin Starr hit), which was a #8 success on the U.S. pop singles chart, and “Fire” (a Springsteen song already familiar from other artists’ recordings of it), which was a disappointment, only reaching #46 on the Billboard charts and breaking Springsteen’s string of eight consecutive Top 10 singles. The music video for “War” was from the concert where it was recorded, while the video for “Fire” was from a completely unrelated 1986 acoustic performance at a Bridge School Benefit concert. A third video, for “Born to Run”, was also released, which showed a melange of clips from the band’s 1984–85 Born in the U.S.A. Tour.

The previous paragraph was from the Wikipedia entry on this album.

One of the cool things about this album is that it includes a booklet with lyrics to every song, and great pictures from all of the concerts that were recorded.

27 Nov

13th Floor Elevators – S.F. Live ’66

This is one of my more eccentric albums. 13th Floor Elevators were one of the first real psychedelic bands in the 60’s. They are also considered one of the most influential bands in garage rock, and punk rock.

They only played together from 1965 to 1969, but they made it big, had 4 albums, and played the Fillmore and the Avalon Ballroom in San Fransisco, which is where this album was recorded.

13th Floor Elevators - Live SF ‘66

I can’t find this album anywhere. It’s not even on the discography. There is an album called “Live”, but it isn’t the same album, that one was recorded in ’68, and it really isn’t live. This is a live bootleg album and was recorded in ’66. The only place I can find a lot of 13th Floor Elevator albums is at Musicstack.

Track Listing:

Side One:

  1. Somebody to Love
  2. Before You Accuse
  3. Splash 1
  4. I’m Gonna Love You Too
  5. You Really Got Me

Side Two:

  1. Fire Engine
  2. Roll Over Beethoven
  3. The Word
  4. Monkey Island
  5. Roller Coaster

Here is the opener to the second side, Fire Engine.

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22 Nov

Display and Play Your Record Collection.

I’ve always wanted to use some of my albums as decorative pictures, but yet I still want to play the record. How can you do that without hanging the record with the cover, or taking the record out and storing it in something else, but that defeats the purpose of cover art, to see it when you get the record.

That makes this pretty cool. Art Vinyl has made a way to do both. They have made a picture frame that will show off your rare and cool looking album art, but will pivot open so you can pull out the record inside.

Art Vinyl Album Art Display

These start at £29.99, which for us Americans is about $60. Not exactly cheap, but considering the quality of art we record collectors think we have, $60 is cheap for decorating your listening room.

12 Nov

Vinyl Records to Replace CD’s

Talk about irony. I remember (growing up in the 70’s and into the 80’s) music on TV selling on LP and cassette, even 8-track. But I also remember how that stopped once CD’s came out. No more 8-tracks (thankfully) and no more LP’s. Now, vinyl records could be what replaces CD’s.

Vinyl has been making a comeback. Amazon now has an option to search for vinyl, as well as CD and MP3, for records and record players. Although the Consumer Electronics Association said that only about 100,000 turntables were sold in 2004, Numark (DJ equipment) sold more than that to DJ’s alone. So somebody’s not getting their numbers straight.

Many stores can’t even keep record players in stock anymore. Vinyl is coming back. Many people want MP3’s when they are out for their iPods and Zunes, but when they are home, most people know that MP3’s just don’t sound that great, so they want records for their home stereo.

Many artists say that the vinyl is the true release of the album. Wired.com says:

“For many of us, and certainly for many of our artists, the vinyl is the true version of the release,” said Matador’s Patrick Amory. “The size and presence of the artwork, the division into sides, the better sound quality, above all the involvement and work the listener has to put in, all make it the format of choice for people who really care about music.”

That is why vinyl records are on the rise. The artists themselves see the vinyl record as the way to listen to their music. After all, they put a lot of work and emotion into the music, they want it to sound as good as possible.

09 Nov

Jethro Tull – Aqualung on Heavy Weight Virgin Vinyl

Auqualung by Jethro Tull is one of my prize albums. Yes, it’s a good album with some great music anyway, but I bought this unopened on 180 gram pure virgin vinyl from an analog pressing. It is a limited edition numbered disc. The sound on this record is amazing. Even with a regular record player, it blows away any CD. If you want this album, go to MusicStack. You can find almost any album there.

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Almost everyone knows the songs ‘Aqualung’ and ‘Locomotive Breath,’ but there are other great songs on here, such as ‘Cross-Eyed Mary’ and ‘Mother Goose.’

Aqualung was the 4th album by Jethro Tull, released in 1971. The song ‘Aqualung’ hit #7 on the Billboard charts, and the album was #337 on Rolling Stones 500 greatest albums.

The album according to Ian Anderson, lead singer and flautist, is “pro-God, but anti-Church.” He said that “organized religion can actually restrict a person’s relationship with their God instead of enhancing it.”

There are also 6 bonus tracks from different reissues:

  1. Lick Your Fingers Clean
  2. Wind Up (alternate version)
  3. Excerpts from the Ian Anderson Interview
  4. Song For Jeffrey
  5. Fat Man
  6. Bourée

Here I’ve made all of the MP3’s from Jethro Tull’s Aqualung available for download from Amazon.

08 Nov

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Live! Vinyl Record

I have a pretty eclectic record collection. I’ve got stuff that most people have never heard of. 13th Floor Elevators, The Chocolate Watch Band (sounds like 50’s pop, but it’s psychedelic), I’ve got some good, and different stuff.

Today though, I thought I’d put up my one (and very lonely) Bob Marley album, Live! from 1975.

Everybody needs some Bob Marley, buy yours at Musicstack.

Bob Marley Live!

This is a great album. I love Bob Marley. So if any one out there has some and doesn’t want it anymore, I’m always looking for new stuff.

Live! was recorded in the Lyceum Ballroom in London on July 18th 1975. This is one of Marley’s more famous live albums. It includes the tracks;

    Trenchtown Rock
    Burnin’ & Lootin’
    Them Belly Full
    Lively Up Yourself
    No Woman, No Cry
    I Shot the Sheriff
    Get Up, Stand Up

Of course, those are all great songs, but I’m only playing one MP3 here. Take a listen to the live version of Bob Marley’s No Woman, No Cry.

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07 Nov

CD – Vinyl Record Hybrid Disc

Yes, you read that right. A hybrid. Like a gas electric hybrid car, the vinyl-disc is a CD vinyl record hybrid. Optimal Media Production is the company that has produced this. They also carry many other specialty types of media for your recordings.

The vinyl-disc has a bottom layer that is played in a CD player normally, but the top layer is vinyl which is played on a record player. Because of the size, it is only about 3 minutes worth of space on the vinyl side, but that is perfect for bonus tracks. It is also great marketing, because to me, having a dual format vinyl-disc is much cooler than just downloading the MP3.

07 Nov

New and Classic Albums Released on Vinyl

There are many artists who are still releasing albums on vinyl. Radiohead (who are at the forefront of music releases), the heavy metal band Darkthrone, U2’s the Joshua Tree re-release, Iron Maiden, and many more.

I know, it’s not as easy to store or carry with you, but it still sounds, looks and feels so good. Thats what many say is why vinyl records have stayed popular, the tactile feel, and the look.

The place to find new, rare and out of print vinyl is Musicstack. They have everything.

07 Nov

Vinyl Records Still Selling Strong on Ebay

Here’s something interesting. For those who think that listening to vinyl records is a small section of people, Ebay says that there is a vinyl record sold every 10 seconds. This means that there will be over 3,000,000 records sold on Ebay this year!

EBay executives couldn’t be reached towards the end of last week when I asked how many vinyl records the site’s users buy and sell for the latest Listening Post column, about the return of vinyl records. But an eBay representative got back to me today with the following items of interest:

– EBay users buy and sell 6 vinyl records every minute (or one every 10 seconds).

– The album that is bought and sold the most in vinyl form is The Beatles’ White Album.

If this rate holds steady, 3,155,760 vinyl records will change hands via eBay over the course of the year.

I think that shows that vinyl is still a big format for music.

06 Nov

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen them in concert, but I have seen the tribute band, Australian Pink Floyd. They were awesome.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

This is one of the greatest albums of all time. I have an original pressing of Dark Side. It is in perfect condition, and sounds great.

Below you can download the MP3’s, or you can find the vinyl album at Musicstack.

The Dark Side of the Moon is one of the best-selling albums of all time worldwide, and the 20th-best-selling album in the United States. Though it held the ?1 spot in America for only one week, it spent a total of 741 consecutive weeks, approximately fourteen years, on the list until April 23, 1988 only to be removed by a rule change. To this day, it occupies a prominent spot on Billboard’s Pop Catalog Chart, reaching #1 when the 2003 hybrid CD/SACD edition was released and sold 800,000 copies in the U.S. alone. On the week of May 5, 2006, The Dark Side of the Moon achieved a combined total of 1,500 weeks on the Billboard 200 and Pop Catalog charts.

Dark Side Trivia

  • If you listen closely, you can hear Ticket to Ride by the Beatles after the song Eclipse.
  • The original name for the album was “Eclipse: A Piece for Assorted Lunatics” due to an album called Dark Side of the Moon by Medicine Head. However, Medcine Heads album didn’t do very well, so Floyd used DSOTM.
  • Paul and Linda McCartney were recorded answering questions for the album, but were not included.
  • Do I need to talk about the Wizard of Oz?

Here I’ve made all of the MP3’s from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon available for download from Amazon.