27 Jan

Old Albums are Selling Better Than New Thanks to Vinyl Records

It’s no secret that I at the Classic Vinyl Record am into classic rock and metal than new, pop music. So this story warms my vinyl heart. Older albums have outsold new albums in 2015. More people bought something old than something new. In this case, new is a term used for anything younger than 18 months. That would change the view of this story, except that three of the top five selling albums are much older than 18 months.

Because online streaming of music is growing (up 92% from 2014), physical album sales are dropping, unless you are talking about vinyl. Vinyl album sales are growing as well with 12 million records sold last year. As the article states, Taylor Swift had the #1 vinyl album sold, so it’s not just older people. The three older albums that made it into the top five? Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon at #3, Beatles – Abbey Road at #4 and Miles Davis – Kind of Blue at #5. I already own two of those.

As much as I stream music using Spotify, I love my vinyl collection. It makes me so happy that the art of listening to music is growing. Streaming music enables a lack of listening or even concious thought about what is being played. Vinyl records demand your attention. That enables us to listen to the music. To see more people buying vinyl (and more young people) is a great sign for the industry.

Top Selling Albums - 2015

image credit – http://www.theverge.com/2016/1/22/10816404/2015-album-sales-trends-vinyl-catalog-streaming

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