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Jackson Browne – Running on Empty Vinyl Album

Running on Empty by Jackson Browne is a phenomenal album. It was nominated for a Grammy, but didn’t win. I don’t really care about that. Grammy’s and Oscar’s and all those awards are worth nothing to me. I’m not being snobbish, but just because something wins doesn’t mean it’s good; and if it doesn’t win, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Jackson Browne - Running On Empty on Vinyl Record

One of the reasons I love this album, is that was not recorded in the studio. Some of it was live, one track was recorded in a rehearsal room, some were recorded in hotel rooms, and one was even recorded on thetour bus while driving down the highway. As I do sound for a hobby, that to me is just crazy. No one records on a bus. But it works. It fits with the mood of the album.

Browne’s first wife had committed suicide, and he then wrote his greatest album The Pretender. While on tour for The Pretender, he wrote and recorded Running On Empty.

Side One:

  1. Running on Empty – recorded live
  2. The Road – recorded in room 301 at the Cross Keys Inn
  3. Rosie – recorded backstage
  4. You Love the Thunder – recorded live
  5. Cocaine – recorded in room 124 at the Holiday Inn

Side Two:

  1. Shaky Town – recorded in room 124 at the Holiday Inn
  2. Love Needs a Heart – recorded live
  3. Nothing But Time – recorded on a bus somewhere in New Jersey
  4. The Load-Out – recorded live
  5. Stay – recorded live

The Load-Out is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is thought to be the best live performance ever caught on tape. I’ve said before that I am a musician, and when you listen to this, it brings to mind touring and playing. Although he makes it sound very tiring, it still ignites that passion to just play music. Especially the part where he tells the roadies

“But when that last guitars been packed away / You know that I still want to play / So just make sure you’ve got it all set to go / Before you come for my piano.”

Yeah. One of the greatest songs ever. I not going to play it though, because it is played on the radio every once in a while, so here is Nothing But Time, recorded on a bus. The clapping at the beginning is the end of the last track, listen for the engine in the background:

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