01 Apr

Grado Headphones for Listening to My Vinyl Records

I bought a pair of Grado SR125i headphones from Amazon last week.They just came today and my first impression is that they really open up the sound. That my not sound very technical, but the music sounds expansive, wide, open, big. Details are very clear. I can hear more reverb and effects than I could before. Granted I have been using the Apple Ear Buds most of the time.

grado sr125 headphones

I haven’t listened to any vinyl yet, I have moved and haven’t set up my turntable. But through my Mac Mini the Grado headphones sound excellent. Some of the reviews on Amazon say to use them for about 24 hours of music listening to break them in. However, there is an argument about whether headphones can even be broken in, or if it’s just your brain getting used to the sound of a new pair.

Another reason I got them is because I listen to music at work through my headphones a couple of hours a day (depending on meeting schedules). The new Apple Buds are much better than the old ones, but still aren’t the best. I wanted something quality that didn’t go inside my ear. One thing about these new phones is that they are somewhat heavy with the massive cord. It is very think. I have never seen headphone cable that think. It’s more like an instrument cable.

I checked out the reviews and tried to go higher end without breaking the bank. The Grado SR125i is what I decided on. If you would like a pair or want to upgrade your cans, check out Amazon’s selection, but always read the reviews.

When I get my turntable hooked up, and ‘break in’ the headphones I will let you know what I think of the music then. Once of the first albums I will be listening to will be Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd.

What kind of headphones or speakers do you use to listen to your vinyl? Let me know in the comments.

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