05 Sep

Downloading vs Ripping MP3’s from Vinyl Records

As I’m sifting through news stories and articles looking for something to talk about, I keep coming across ads about LP to MP3 converters.

What the crap?

Isn’t the point of records to enjoy the high quality music? I understand that a lot of people have records, but don’t really care to listen to them. So they want them converted. But what I don’t understand, is that downloading music is supposed to be illegal, UNLESS YOU OWN IT!

If I own the vinyl record, It is not illegal to own the MP3.

But this is where it gets kind of weird. I have talked about ripping MP3’s from vinyl records before, but it could probably be done again. There are two ideas about ripping MP3’s from vinyl.

Do you own the content of the vinyl, or just the vinyl? That is the question.

Some say we bought the album, we own the music on it, and can copy it (for ourselves) as many times as we wish in any format we wish.

Others (mostly record companies and their lawyers) say that we only bought a piece of vinyl that just happened to have music on it. We own the vinyl, but not what is on it. If you want to have the music on CD, then you need to buy it on CD. If you want to have MP3’s to take with you, then you have to go and buy the MP3. Even if you already own it on one format.

I agree with the first idea, and I’m sure most people do. However, if you agree with the second point of view, I’d love to hear why. Because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Anyway, my point is that the Vinyl to MP3 industry is booming. These record players that convert vinyl are selling in high numbers. But why? If I can download it legally (because I own the vinyl), why would I want to buy something when I can just get it on U Torrent?

Anyway, whether you download it or rip it, you have still lost so much quality in the conversion process, that it’s almost pointless. I don’t like to listen to MP3’s on my big stereo. Small speakers are ok, but not the good stereo.

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2 Responses to “Downloading vs Ripping MP3’s from Vinyl Records”

  1. Robert Says:

    I rip my vinyl to FLAC in 32bit, 192kHz Beats the ‘ol 16bit 44kHz. I hate MP3 does not feel the same, However the FLAC files feel the closest. Why would you do this? Well for one I have a custom Audiophile grade sound system in my car (not BOSE, I made it myself) and I can’t stand listening to CD’s. So I have a computer system that can play back 32 bit encoded FLAC files.

  2. Ben Says:

    Robert, thanks for the comment. I have downloaded FLAC files (from a CD) before, and listened to them on a FLAC plugin for Winamp. Of course, they didn’t sound any different.

    I never thought to rip vinyl that way. That sounds to me like the way to go.


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