23 Jul

Coverdale Page on Vinyl Record

About 15 years ago, this album came out. I still remember hearing it on the radio, as it got a lot of airplay. However, it took a long time to actually hear who it was. David Coverdale of Whitesnake and Deep Purple, and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Great combination. I think they really had something with this album. I always wondered why they never did anything more together. You can buy Coverdale Page on vinyl or CD at Musicstack.

Coverdale Page Vinyl Album Cover

David Coverdale almost sounds like Robert Plant on this album. I’ve heard him sound like that before, but it really seems to come through here.

A lot of people think that this album is Zeppelin Light. I can see that, although others say that it is better than LZ’s “Walking Into Clarksdale”. I hate to categorize albums like that. I feel that if the artist is truly trying to create music, who are we to say it’s not good enough. After all, how can Jimmy Page help sounding like Led Zeppelin, he is Led Zeppelin.

This song, “Shake My Tree” is the first cut of the album, and I love the sound of Page’s guitar. Coverdale starts singing like he has a throat full of sandpaper (which I am jealous of by the way) and then starts singing up in the stratosphere, and that is where I think he sounds like Plant.

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Here is the track listing for Coverdale Page:
Side One

    1. Shake My Tree
      Waiting on You
      Take Me For a Little While
      Pride and Joy
      Over Now
      Feeling Hot
  • Side Two

    1. Easy Does It
      Take a Look At Yourself
      Don’t Leave Me This Way
      Absolution Blues
      Whisper a Prayer For the Dying

    This copy I have is also an import from England. I don’t think that makes it very valuable, but hey, it’s an import.

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