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If you have an album you would like to see if I have, and could review, let me know.

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  1. Gary Says:

    Does anybody make a display for vinyl records like the record stores used to use. All the albums face forward for easy viewing.

  2. Ben Says:

    Yes, there are a number of frames you can use. I have talked about them before, here are the links. This vinyl record display pivots out to give easy access to the record. This vinyl record frame display doesn’t pivot, but is cheaper than the pivoting one.

    Hope that helps you out.

  3. Dani Says:


  4. Nick Says:


    I am emailing you to see if you would be interested in reviewing a re-release of a Fraction album. There are only about 300 originals to be released in 1971. Let me know And I will contact you again.


  5. Corrin & Ben Says:

    Hey we have a lot of classical vinyl record that have been handed down and we were wondering if you were interested in buying any thing. Inparticular we have ‘Piano at Twilight’ with Francois Chantal at the piano. It is one of our rarest records and yet we have two. It is listed as a $250 record and we are pricing it out according to their condition. That is how we are willing to price everything we have.

  6. Richard Brown Says:

    WAAAAY back in my life I had a vinyl album titled “Ports of Call” that featured music from several points around the world, including, as I recall, Hawaii and Tahiti. It may have been a Columbia release. Does this ring any bells?

  7. Ann Says:

    To Anyone Interested:

    I have a lot of LP’s back in the 50’s & 60’s, ie Beatles, Elvis that I would like to sell. If anyone is interested, I can provide a list of the LP/Artists.

    Would love to hear from you,

  8. Zach Says:

    Hey, I was wondering, were most pop 80’s albums recorded digitally or in analog? I am wondering how analog my 80’s vinyl records are. Is there a year, when the majority of pop recording began to be done digitally?


  9. Ben Says:

    Zach, most stuff in the 80’s was still being done on analog. However, digital was starting to make it’s way into the studio with DAT (digital audio tape) machines.

    If you look at some albums (usually more CD’s from later years though) you will sometimes see a box with DDD, ADD or AAD or some variation. AAD means that the recording was done Analog, the mixing was Analog, and the mastering was Digital. They are always in order so if a D is first, then you know that it was recorded digitally.

    It’s hard to say when digital recording took over, but probably around the early to mid 90’s. However, many studios and old time engineers would still rather use analog tape to record the initial sessions.


  10. laura Says:

    Hi there
    I have been given 33 classical vinyls passed down from grandparents and was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying them?

    please reply

    laura williamson

  11. keith collins Says:

    Happy New Year…. I just picked up Doris Day’s christmas album on vinyl!!!!!!! keith in Hawaii

  12. Bradley Says:

    Hello.I have a record 4 set Tchaikovsky 1812 overture.They are 78s and by Victor Red Lable Records.Arthur Fiedler,Conductor:Boston “pops” Orchestra.With the name Frank Decker on the cover by itself.#12411A IE (on 1st album)#12411B IE (on 2nd album)ect.
    I can only find people selling the generic records that are just one album with a super small portion of the full Piece.I can not find anyone who can even apraise it or knows anything about the value.
    Can you help or point me to someone who can.I have seen single albums going from $10.00-$100.00.But they are nothing compared to what I have.
    Thank you,Bradley

  13. Bradley Says:

    My mistake:RCA Victor Red Seal Records.Thank you ,Bradley

  14. cecilia poulenc Says:

    Dear sir,
    I inherited from my aunt suitcases of vinyl records (99%) classical. I would like to sell all of them and started making a list. I asked information from different shops in Paris – it seems that some are worth a price.

    Deutsche Grammophon :

    1/ Beethoven : Mondschein-Sonate Pathétique – Appassionata
    – Wilhelm Kempff, Piano
    – 136 227 ST 33 SLPEM Photo Herbert List Munchen

    2/ Beethoven : Tripelkonzert
    – Géza Anda, Piano – Wolfgang Schnniderhann, violine – Pierre Fournier, Violoncello
    Radio-Symphonie Orchester Berlin Dirigent : Ferenc Fricsay
    – 136236 ST 33 SLPEM Photo Max Jacoby, Berlin

    3/ Beethoven : Fidelio
    Leonie Rysanek, Irmgard Seefried, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Ernst Häfliger, Gottlob Frick, Friedrich Lenz, Kieth Engen
    – 138390 A DP SLPM ST 33 Dirigent Fricsay

    The 2 records are in a special box with the lyrics written in a big booklet.

    4/ Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Konzer fûr Violine und Orchester e-moll op.64
    – Wolfgang Schniederban, Violine – Radio Symphonie Oechester Berlin Dir. Fricsay
    – LPE 17085 33 Hifi

    5/ Schubert Forellen-Quintett – The Trout
    – Adrian Aeschbacher, Piano Rudolf Loeckert, Violine – Oskar Riedl, Viola
    Josef Merz, Violoncello Franz Ortner, Kontrabass
    – LPE 17175 33 hifi

    6/ Mozart – Sinfonie Nr 40 g-moll KV550
    – Wiener Symphoniker Dir. Fritz Lehmann
    – LP 16114 Hifi

    The records are all made in Germany. They have the tulips around the center hole.

    Electrola “his master’s voice”

    7/ Mozart – Die Entf¨rung Ausdem Serail
    – Dir. Wilhelm Schüchter
    M 33 WBLP 517
    Red and gold lettering
    Made in Germany

    8/ Brahms Symphony No. 4 in E minor
    – Philharmonia Orchestra Dir. Otto Klemperer
    – YAX270 SAX 2350
    Blue and Silver center lettering
    Made in England

    9/ Brahms Violin Concerto
    – David Oïstrak – Otto Klemperer French National Radio Orchestra
    Sax 2411 Blue and Silver
    Made in England


    10/ Viener Philharmoniker Dir. CarlSchuricht
    Schubert Symphonie Nr 8 h-moll
    Mozart Symphonie Nr 35 D-dur
    -Arl 3232 LXT5257

    I have many others if you are interested. I live in Paris.

  15. Robin Says:

    I have three generations of LP’s handed down from a friend of mine, everything from Bing Crosby Christmas set to Time Life sets by decade. Doobie Brothers, Classical, Hymns, How do I sell them, Who wants them etc. Please connect me with someone who likes to buy these.

  16. Tom s Says:

    Hi, I have recently inherited a box of about 3 to 4 hundered vinyl singles (est. i really don’t want to count thm all) i’ve had a flick through and theres some by the Beatles, Queen and some other collectable artists. Does anyone know wither i should sell them indavidually or alltogeather? Thank you for any answer Tom S.

  17. Abdul Rahman Says:

    Columbia : OST from “The Right Approach” The Kirby Stone Four
    Columbia : OST “Big River Big Man” by Claude King
    Columbia : On The Sunny side of the street by Slow Fox Trot
    Paul Young – The Secret of Association
    Yes – 90125
    Christopher Cross – Every Turn of the World
    Christopher Cross – Another Page
    Modern Talking – Let’s Talk about love
    Bill Withers – Watching you watching me
    Madonna – like a virgin
    Eagles Live 86 Dual Vinyls
    Chopin – Piano Concerto N.2
    Laura Branigan – Hold me
    Sibelius – Symphony N.5
    Duran Duran – Seven and the Ragged Tiger
    Julio Iglesias – Libra
    The Dubliner On Stage
    Johnny Nash – I can see clearly now (German Edition)
    Talking Heads – Little Creatures
    Imagination – In the Heart of the Night (with out package)
    K-Tel Records – Dynamite 1973
    Liberty – L’oeil Du Tigre 1983
    Stevie Wonder – In Square Circle
    America – Perspective
    Status Quo – Back to Back
    Deutsche Grammophon : Die Wut uber den verlorenen Groschen Virtouse Klavierstuke von Beethoven , Chopin, Brahms, Mozart, Schubet u.a
    America in Concert
    Air Supply – Greatest Hits
    and couple of russian vinyls from the 60s and also couple of Egyptian vinyl’s

  18. Bellena Fox Says:

    I have a list of 200 records mostly classical. 1950’s-1980’s if you’d like a copy I’ll send it to you.

  19. Chester Smith Says:

    Greetings. Do you have Velvet Darkness by Alan Holdsworth?

  20. Ben Says:

    No, I don’t. I would love to as I am really getting into Jazz/Rock Fusion right now.

  21. Andy Dyer Says:

    Dude i have a mint sealed copy of led zep 1 how much is it worth?

  22. francesco Says:


    Dear The Classic Vinyl record,
    i’ am looking for this bootleg.
    Have you a torrent for send it?^

    Thank you

  23. Ben Says:

    It really depends on if it is a first pressing/issue or not. There is an original issue sealed copy of Zeppelin’s I on ebay for around $200. Most of what I’ve seen is around the $20 – $30 range though. Albums like these were issued for years, and they aren’t necessarily that old or rare.


  24. Ben Says:

    Sorry, I don’t do torrents. If you really want to just listen to this, get a Spotify account. You can get one for free and listen to everything they have. Spotify has 13th Floor Elevators, not this album, but all four of their releases, including a live album.


  25. James McFadden Says:

    HI there,

    I was wondering if you have any Decca recordings of Jack Doyle. The recordings are as follows:

    F-3555 June 1933 ( All are release dates)
    F-3576 July 1933
    F-3898 April 1934
    F-3949 May 1934
    F-5128 Sepr 1934
    F-5129 Nov 1934
    F-6804 Oct 1938
    F-7199 Sept 1939
    F-7351 Feb 1940

    There iare two other without catelogue numbers from 1959 and one from 1938.

    f you had any of these I would be pleases. If you don’t could you suggest where I may be able to source them?

    All the Best,

    James McFadden

    jamesmcfadden @

  26. Jorge Says:

    Where I can sell vinyls, I Have a collection? very instersting mostly 80% rock

  27. Len Ratzman Says:

    I have a collection of about 150, 45 rpm, vinyl records from the 50’s and 60’s. I recently tried to insure them as a collection and assumed (incorrectly) that they’d all be listed in the current, “Goldmine Price Guide to 45 rpm records”.

    It was very quickly obvious that over half the records I was looking up to establish their approximate, current, collectible market value were NOT LISTED.

    Without some, reference to go by, there is no, dependable source from which I can establish the records’ replacement values. As an example, I have 5, Spike Jones records from the late 40’s to 1955 that I have no idea what they’re worth because I couldn’t find a catalogue mentioning their market values. Can you help?

  28. Bill Clark Says:

    I am glad to discover your site.

    I cannot get into the vinyl vs CD quality debate, but wanted to say how thrilled I am to find LP’s of my favorite groups from the 60’s and 70’s and to listen to them in their uncompressed, non-digitally remastered, original recordings….These are the recordings I remember, not the digital versions…this is what I object to the most is the massive re-processing of classic recordings..I just listened to Steely Dan’s “Gaucho” , and was amazed how good it sounded..and the album cost exactly $1 at a used CD store !

    Bill Clark
    Windham, VT

  29. Ben Says:


    It’s interesting to hear that you would rather listen to the recording un-remastered and in the original sound.

    Most of the time I can take those, but there are a few times when the original recordings are horrible and need that help, usually because their wasn’t much money to go to a good studio or get good equipment.

    Steely Dan, however, has always had top notch recording and engineering in their albums. Some sound guys use their songs to test a sound system because of the range of sonic quality.

    Although saying that you can’t get into the debate about LP’s vs CD’s, you just did. It really comes down do what you grew up with, are used to, and are able to enjoy.

    Thanks for your comments,
    The Classic Vinyl Record Guy

  30. Mrs. Angela Lee Says:

    I have 3 milk crates full of vinyl albums…70’s and 80’s music…Rock, Disco, Pop, R&B, Soul, Motown, Sedaka, Streisand, Chicago, Cheap Trick, Rod Stewart, Kiss collection, Kris Kristoferson, Saturday Night Fever OST, Bette Midler The Rose, Ben Hur, Carmen, even old 78’s from the 40’s. I have a crate of Country and Rock Cassettes. I have a big box of empty dvd cases. Anyone interested, please contact me at: I am not looking for a lot of money. Simply someone to make an offer and buy the whole load. Thanks. Angie

  31. Darren Says:


    As you read this, Hundreds of buyers and sellers are preparing for the London Olympia Record Fair, taking place THIS SATURDAY 26th April.

    It is the UK’s biggest Record Fair attracting dealers and collectors from all over the UK, Europe, America, Japan and Australia – even rock stars like Jimmy Page could be seen browsing the rarities at the last one!

    You are guaranteed to find the biggest selection of Records, CDs, DVDs, posters, books – in fact any thing to do with music. Meet Magazine Editors, COVERS 33 accessories, all the top UK specialists PLUS traders selling for the first time.

    This major European fair is at the world famous Olympia Exhibition Centre in central London. Easy to get to, easy to find, – with it’s own underground station on site!
    Full address – Olympia Central, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX. Olympia Underground, via Earl’s Court.

    Early entry is available from 8.30am at £10 – a rare chance to dig into this massive stock before the hall gets full! Standard admission £5 – 10am to 4.30pm.

    For more info visit

  32. Mr.Herz Says:

    Thank you for helping the music community with all your knowledge and expertise in the field of music reproduction. Having an excellent store and people who know about your new products is the key to satisfied customers.
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  33. Jim Says:

    I am selling the complete Elvis Presley record collection with records and covers in mint condition. I live in the U. S. and I am asking if you are interested in this collection or know of any one who is. If so, please get back with me. The asking price is $12,000. I will pay for shipping and handling. I do have pictures of the collection. If you know of any Elvis fans who shops at your store do inform them of this collection. If you can put up an advertisement in your store for the records and if you help me sell this collection by either in store advertisement or by placing an ad in your local paper, I will pay you $500 for your help. You can contact me at Thank you.

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