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29 Jun

Block and Bar Vinyl Record Cleaner

I have talked about how to clean your vinyl records before. However, I saw this post recently on on how to make your own Block and Bar record cleaner. Check out the link for the full version. Basically, the guy took some Removable Putty and wraps it around a tapered dowel. Then he takes […]

07 Apr

Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Emerson Lake and Palmer

The title seems a bit redundant, but it is the self-title debut album of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Released in 1970, Emerson, Lake and Palmer was the first album from ELP. It is basically a solo album for all three members as only the first song was a combined effort. Extended solos and songs, complex […]

05 Mar

How to Clean Vinyl Records

I have talked a lot about why records sound better, and about some of my favorite albums, but I have never talked about how to clean and care for your vinyl albums(UPDATE: I have talked about it, check out how to Make Your Own Block and Bar Record Cleaner). The main reason most people don’t […]

23 Dec

Merry Christmas from the Classic Vinyl Record

Merry Christmas from the Classic Vinyl Record. This Christmas tree was made from old vinyl records and is located at Galen Hall Corp. in South Heidelberg Township, Reading PA. It’s time to pull out all of the old Christmas vinyl, such as this Johnny Mathis Christmas album, and give it a listen.

29 Jul

Yes – Yessongs on Vinyl

I am a big fan of progressive rock, and no prog-rock collection is complete without Yes. I have already reviewed Relayer by Yes. Yessongs is a 3 disc (vinyl record discs) collection of live concert recordings. It was recorded during the Close To The Edge tour, and was released in 1973. Yessongs features extended solos […]

11 Nov

Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch Album on CD, Vinyl and Uncompressed CD

I’ve talked about sound quality between vinyl and CD before (see this post on why vinyl records sound better than CD’s), so this story really caught my eye. If you haven’t heard, Mudcrutch is getting back together. For their new album, they are releasing on standard CD, vinyl and uncompressed CD. What? I’ve never heard […]

10 Oct

The Tubes – The Completion Backward Principle on LP

I really like The Tubes. I do think that a lot of their later stuff was much more pop than their earlier work. I love the original self titled album. It’s very different and almost prog. The Completion Backward Principle is a pretty good example of 80’s New Wave, leaning towards pop, and it does […]

18 Sep

Richard Wright – Wet Dream Vinyl LP

Since my power was out due to Hurricane Ike (even up in Ohio), I was unable to write about the passing of Richard Wright. I have the album ‘Wet Dream’ by him, and I agree with my old record dealer; Richard Wright’s album had more of that Pink Floyd Sound than a lot of the […]

09 Sep

Why Vinyl Records Sound Better

I read an article today that really annoyed me. I am always reading things about how CD’s and MP3’s are the greatest thing since fire, and that vinyl is dead and should stay dead. The following excerpts are an example: “There will always be a very special place for vinyl albums. That place is called […]

05 Sep

Downloading vs Ripping MP3’s from Vinyl Records

As I’m sifting through news stories and articles looking for something to talk about, I keep coming across ads about LP to MP3 converters. What the crap? Isn’t the point of records to enjoy the high quality music? I understand that a lot of people have records, but don’t really care to listen to them. […]