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01 Apr

Grado Headphones for Listening to My Vinyl Records

I bought a pair of Grado SR125i headphones from Amazon last week.They just came today and my first impression is that they really open up the sound. That my not sound very technical, but the music sounds expansive, wide, open, big. Details are very clear. I can hear more reverb and effects than I could […]

29 Jun

Block and Bar Vinyl Record Cleaner

I have talked about how to clean your vinyl records before. However, I saw this post recently on on how to make your own Block and Bar record cleaner. Check out the link for the full version. Basically, the guy took some Removable Putty and wraps it around a tapered dowel. Then he takes […]

17 May

Vinyl Record Phono Preamp for Computers

I have talked about a couple of USB turntables before, and in particular the ION USB Turntable, but I have said that I don’t necessarily want to convert my vinyl and never listen to it again. It’s great to convert vinyl albums to MP3, but I still want my vinyl records. Recently I moved into […]

05 Mar

How to Clean Vinyl Records

I have talked a lot about why records sound better, and about some of my favorite albums, but I have never talked about how to clean and care for your vinyl albums(UPDATE: I have talked about it, check out how to Make Your Own Block and Bar Record Cleaner). The main reason most people don’t […]

28 Jul

ION and Stanton Turntable with USB or iPod Dock

I know that there are already turntables out there with USB ports, and other ways to transfer your vinyl to digital, but this actually has an iPod dock. Just drop your iPod on there and don’t worry about wires at all. Of course, it apparently only works with a 5th generation iPod or 2nd generation […]

05 Jun

Monetgiro Lusso Audiophile Turntable Costs more than a Lexus

Yes, you read that right. This Montegiro Lusso Turntable does cost more than many new cars including the top luxury cars. Sounds crazy I know. Doesn’t it look cool? But where are you going to put it. I mean, it’s chrome and black, except for our kitchen (stainless steel and black appliances) where else will […]

21 May

Vinyl, Cassette Tape, Recording and Engineering

I saw an article in Tulsa Today News about records and basically the ‘revolution’ that is happening. There are some good pars that I will show here. “…but nothing sounds as good as a vinyl record. That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact. That’s why some records were cut direct-to-disk, bypassing analog tape with 1/8” […]

21 Apr

New Styli, Cartridges and Needles

As I was playing a record the other day, I started thinking to myself, “Man, what is wrong, am I hearing what digital dorks hear when they listen to a record? This doesn’t sound so great.” Then I put on a record that I know sounds good, and it sounded like crap. It reminded me […]

09 Apr

Five Tips for Vinyl Listening Newbies

I read a great post today about how to get into vinyl listening for “vinyl virgins.” Many of us have been listening to vinyl for years, and some never stopped, but there are a lot of people out there who are just realizing the power of music inherent in vinyl. How the vinyl album reveals […]

21 Mar

What is an Audiophile?

I love records. I love the sound of a vinyl record, even if it has some imperfections. There is such a warmth and realism in the sound of a record that I just don’t get from a CD. It helps that in addition to being a musician, I have done a lot of sound engineering, […]