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10 Dec

U2 – The Joshua Tree 20th Anniversary Remastered, Reissued Vinyl Record

I have this album. Well, the original at least. It has been played a lot. A whole lot. So you can imagine that the sound quality has been degraded over the years. I’d love to have this new one by U2. I thought that I should talk about The Joshua Tree since it will be […]

10 Dec

Vinyl Record Snack Tray and Coasters

This is great, a snack tray made out of a vintage vinyl record. It is goodfor chips, candy or any other kind of party goodies. I saw this at Elsewares for just $26. They also have vinyl record coasters. They say that they carry different genres of music, but the only choices available were rock […]

27 Nov

USB Record Player. Put Your Vinyl on CD or MP3

I have a lot of albums on vinyl. The only problem with this is that I can’t really take them with me anywhere. My friends don’t have record players, cars don’t have record players (although it was tried unsuccessfully in the 50’s). I need something like this to convert my records to either CD or […]

22 Nov

Display and Play Your Record Collection.

I’ve always wanted to use some of my albums as decorative pictures, but yet I still want to play the record. How can you do that without hanging the record with the cover, or taking the record out and storing it in something else, but that defeats the purpose of cover art, to see it […]

12 Nov

Vinyl Records to Replace CD’s

Talk about irony. I remember (growing up in the 70’s and into the 80’s) music on TV selling on LP and cassette, even 8-track. But I also remember how that stopped once CD’s came out. No more 8-tracks (thankfully) and no more LP’s. Now, vinyl records could be what replaces CD’s. Vinyl has been making […]