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27 Jan

Old Albums are Selling Better Than New Thanks to Vinyl Records

It’s no secret that I at the Classic Vinyl Record am into classic rock and metal than new, pop music. So this story warms my vinyl heart. Older albums have outsold new albums in 2015. More people bought something old than something new. In this case, new is a term used for anything younger than […]

21 May

Vinyl, Cassette Tape, Recording and Engineering

I saw an article in Tulsa Today News about records and basically the ‘revolution’ that is happening. There are some good pars that I will show here. “…but nothing sounds as good as a vinyl record. That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact. That’s why some records were cut direct-to-disk, bypassing analog tape with 1/8” […]

07 May

How Vinyl Records are Made

It’s been a while since I posted, I have bought a house and been moving. I haven’t had the chance to even hook up my turntable yet, so I am not exactly happy. But I thought I’d explain some things about vinyl for those that don’t know. I found on Youtube some video off of […]

28 Mar

Vinyl Albums Recorded Digitally?

I read an article this morning at the It was basically saying that digitally recorded music already has some loss of information, so why should it sound better on vinyl than CD. This is an example of bad logic. If you’ve picked up an arts section lately, you’ve probably seen a story with one […]

27 Mar

Elvis Costello’s New Album on Vinyl Only. NIN Gives You Options

That’s right, Elvis Costello is releasing his new album “Momofuku” only on vinyl album. If you buy the album, you will get a code so you can download it on MP3. There will be no CD release for this. Is this a hint of the direction of formats? Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (NIN) […]

14 Jan

The Biggest Record Show in the World. The Last Record Store.

Ok, so maybe I’m a little behind the curve here, but I just saw that there is a record convention in Austin, Texas that is the biggest in the world. The Austin Record Convention has been meeting since 1981, brings in over 300 dealers, and over 1 million records, tapes, CD’s, and even an 8-track […]

11 Jan

Vinyl Records Making a Comeback? Thanks For the Newsflash

Well, Time Magazine has now just noticed that vinyl records are becoming more popular. How very journalistic of them to be so on top of popular culture (sorry for the sarcasm). After reading their article, I really got the idea that Time thinks that the reason vinyl is selling more is that young people think […]

07 Jan

Laser Turntable Plays Scratched, Warped and Broken Records.

I came across this record player a few years ago, and recently found it again. It actually uses lasers to play the record instead of a needle. In spite of this, it is still analog, not digital. The ELP Laser Turntable uses five lasers, two to track along the grooves, one to stay the same […]

17 Dec

How and Where to Buy Vinyl Records and LP’s

Last time I was in a record store that actually had records, was about four or five years ago. Quonset Hut (no longer selling music) was one of those music stores that had t-shirts, toys like KISS dolls, even smoking paraphernalia (although not of it was for drug use of course). It was one of […]

10 Dec

Album and Album Cover Display Frames

A few weeks ago I posted about a great way to display your vinyl record collection. A little while ago I was sent another similar display from my brother. This vinyl record display doesn’t have the tilt out feature to get access to the LP, but is much cheaper. It is only about $24 compared […]