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15 Feb

Manowar – Warriors of the World – Brand New Vinyl

Finally. I have a lot of different music on vinyl, but no heavy metal. I’ve got some hard rock such as Deep Purple and Whitesnake, but no real, true heavy metal. Now I do. Manowar – Warriors of the Word. There are a lot of people who love heavy metal, but hate Manowar. They think […]

08 Feb

Jackson Browne – Running on Empty Vinyl Album

Running on Empty by Jackson Browne is a phenomenal album. It was nominated for a Grammy, but didn’t win. I don’t really care about that. Grammy’s and Oscar’s and all those awards are worth nothing to me. I’m not being snobbish, but just because something wins doesn’t mean it’s good; and if it doesn’t win, […]

05 Feb

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery Album on Vinyl

As a keyboard player, I love Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Keith Emerson is a phenomenal pianist and composer, and it shows on this album, Brain Salad Surgery. Also check out my post on ELP’s first album, Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Yes, the title is a little different, but don’t let it scare you. It is […]

29 Jan

The Wacky World of Spike Jones Record Album

I’m sure that most people have never heard of Spike Jones. My parents have, and others who are above the age of, I don’t know, say 55, might know who that is. Spike Jones was the original Weird Al Yankovic. There are many collections of songs out there, this is one of them. Thank you […]

25 Jan

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother on 200 Gram Virgin Vinyl

Atom Heart Mother is, well, I was going to say one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums, but I can’t say that. I love Pink Floyd, and to say that this is my favorite, I just can’t do that. All of their albums have something that makes them great. However, this is one of my […]

18 Jan

Journey – Escape Album on LP

Journey is one of those great 80’s rock bands that people either love or hate. Personally, I love Journey, otherwise I wouldn’t have their album. You can buy this album at Musicstack. I have also recently posted about Journey – Frontiers album. This was actually referred to as the worst number 1 album ever by […]

14 Jan

Van Halen Self Titled Debut on Vinyl LP

All right, time for some rock. Nobody rocks like Van Halen, even Van Halen (Hagar era) can’t touch them. Sorry to those Sammy Hagar fans out there. I like his stuff, but it just doesn’t do it for me like Van Halen with David Lee Roth. Released in 1978, this album has made it past […]

11 Jan

Cream – Disraeli Gears on 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl Record

When I was at the record shop the other day, I saw a great classic album that I immediately picked up. Cream – Disraeli Gears on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Sweet! It was brand new, unopened on 180 gram vinyl! I was surprised to see it their, as the owner didn’t have a lot of […]

08 Jan

Leviticus – I Shall Conquer Vinyl Record

Here is one that not a lot of people will have. Leviticus is Christian metal from the eighties. There is another band out there called Leviticus, also metal, but they have a much different set of lyrics. I know, there are a lot of people out there who think that Christian music sucks, and well, […]

27 Dec

Maynard Ferguson – M.F. Horn Two Vinyl Album

This is one of my first posts to show the real extent of my collection and musical tastes. I love metal. I love rock. I love just about everything. Except rap (I can listen to old school) and country. Sorry. As a musician myself, I love listening big band and jazz music, and nobody does […]