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10 Apr

Blind Guardian – A Night at the Opera Vinyl Album

I love Blind Guardian. They are one of my favorite bands. I was so excited when I picked this album up on vinyl. A Night at the Opera by Blind Guardian is a two disc set, and is a nod to Queen’s A Night at the Opera in style as well as name. There are […]

15 Feb

Manowar – Warriors of the World – Brand New Vinyl

Finally. I have a lot of different music on vinyl, but no heavy metal. I’ve got some hard rock such as Deep Purple and Whitesnake, but no real, true heavy metal. Now I do. Manowar – Warriors of the Word. There are a lot of people who love heavy metal, but hate Manowar. They think […]

08 Jan

Leviticus – I Shall Conquer Vinyl Record

Here is one that not a lot of people will have. Leviticus is Christian metal from the eighties. There is another band out there called Leviticus, also metal, but they have a much different set of lyrics. I know, there are a lot of people out there who think that Christian music sucks, and well, […]