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11 Jan

Remembering David Bowie – Changesonebowie

Sad news today, David Bowie died yesterday (January 10, 2016) after fighting cancer. He had a very, very long career not only as a singer, but also as an actor, producer and much more. One of my first exposures to Bowie was the movie Labyrinth, but his music became a staple on classic rock radio […]

08 Oct

Aryeon – Universal Migrator 1 + 2

Sometimes at work I just set Spotify on shuffle mode in certain playlists, but other times (like today) I want an album. So this morning it was the Universal Migrator 1+2 by Ayreon. I love Ayreon’s music. Also, most anything by Arjen Anthony Lucasson. It has a great element of cheese in it, but the […]

07 Apr

Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Emerson Lake and Palmer

The title seems a bit redundant, but it is the self-title debut album of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Released in 1970, Emerson, Lake and Palmer was the first album from ELP. It is basically a solo album for all three members as only the first song was a combined effort. Extended solos and songs, complex […]

24 Feb

Journey – Frontiers on Vinyl Record Album

I have already talked about the Journey album Escape, so here is Frontiers, which was the next album released by Journey after Escape in 1983. Frontiers was Journey’s second biggest selling album. I am not a big fan of American Idol. I am one of those people who watch the auditions just to see how […]

08 Jan

Rush – Moving Pictures Album on Vinyl

I have always been a moderate fan of Rush. I say moderate, because regular Rush fans (usually drummers) tend to be extremely passionate about them. Rush is one of those bands that dabbled in progressive music, but never fully became progressive, especially in their later years. This album, though, is considered to be an essential […]

13 Nov

Billy Squier – Don’t Say No Vinyl Record

Here is a staple of classic rock radio. Billy Squier’s ‘The Stroke’ has been played and played so much, it is almost one of those songs you start to tune out. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it is a good song, and a great album. The Stroke went to #3 on the Mainstream […]

06 Nov

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is probably my favorite Pink Floyd Album. I love Dark Side of the Moon, but Wish You Were Here just edges it out with Shine On You Crazy Diamond. WYWH is the 7th album by Pink Floyd. Recorded in 1975, much of the subject matter is about Syd Barrett. His drug […]

29 Jul

Yes – Yessongs on Vinyl

I am a big fan of progressive rock, and no prog-rock collection is complete without Yes. I have already reviewed Relayer by Yes. Yessongs is a 3 disc (vinyl record discs) collection of live concert recordings. It was recorded during the Close To The Edge tour, and was released in 1973. Yessongs features extended solos […]

12 Jun

Led Zeppelin – 1 Vinyl Record

Led Zeppelin is one of those bands that I just don’t listen to very often. I haven’t played this record in probably over 2 or 3 years. Don’t get me wrong, I like Zeppelin, but they are a band that has a few songs that get massively overplayed by classic rock radio stations. Led Zeppelin’s […]

10 Apr

Blind Guardian – A Night at the Opera Vinyl Album

I love Blind Guardian. They are one of my favorite bands. I was so excited when I picked this album up on vinyl. A Night at the Opera by Blind Guardian is a two disc set, and is a nod to Queen’s A Night at the Opera in style as well as name. There are […]