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05 Feb

Why Have Records Outlasted CD’s, and Will Last Longer Than MP3’s

This made me laugh, because, yes. People who listen to records and claim that they are better than CD’s maybe are snobs. (From the website of DePaul University.) Ever since Napster came onto the scene in the late 90s, the music industry has been in a state of limbo, finding it hard to cope with […]

24 Jan

Records Are Not as Good as CD’s?

I recently came across a post on ViP2 about how the whole idea behind vinyl being better than CD is myth and sentimentality. The author says that CD are superior to vinyl in every way. These are not my thoughts, so don’t get mad at me. It’s not often you write something knowing full well […]

18 Jan

Vinyl Vs. CD Part 3. Sound Difference Between LP’s and CD’s

The third and final post by The Lonely Note on the difference between vinyl and CD’s. The first post dealt with the technology difference between CD’s and records. The second dealt with mostly the physical differences between LP’s and CD’s. The third part deals with the actual difference between the same album on both CD […]

18 Jan

Vinyl Records and CD’s Part 2

Here is the second part of this article by The Lonely Note. Here is the first post on the difference between vinyl records and CD’s in case you missed it. Portability This is probably the one category where the two camps of format fanatics can agree. The compact disc wins the portability argument in one […]

18 Jan

Vinyl Vs CD. Analog Vs Digital

Great post over a The Lonely Note, talking about the difference between vinyl records and CD’s. It’s a three part article, so I’ll split it up too. Introduction Perhaps the only argument that has persisted on longer than the vinyl vs. CD debate is that one about the chicken and the egg. Both camps have […]

11 Jan

Vinyl Records Making a Comeback? Thanks For the Newsflash

Well, Time Magazine has now just noticed that vinyl records are becoming more popular. How very journalistic of them to be so on top of popular culture (sorry for the sarcasm). After reading their article, I really got the idea that Time thinks that the reason vinyl is selling more is that young people think […]

27 Dec

Ripping MP3’s From Vinyl Records? Copying Your Own Collection?

I have seen a number of articles and posts about whether or not it is legal or ethical to rip an album or CD that you already own to MP3. There are at least two schools of thought on this. The first idea is that once you own something, you own the content. The music […]

07 Nov

CD – Vinyl Record Hybrid Disc

Yes, you read that right. A hybrid. Like a gas electric hybrid car, the vinyl-disc is a CD vinyl record hybrid. Optimal Media Production is the company that has produced this. They also carry many other specialty types of media for your recordings. The vinyl-disc has a bottom layer that is played in a CD […]

06 Nov

Vinyl Records Have the Greatest Sound

I love the sound of vinyl records. I know that a lot of people out there have no idea what I’m talking about, but who cares. If you ask an audiophile which is better, a vinyl record, or a CD, almost every one of them will say vinyl is better. The reason for this is […]