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23 Sep

Spotify Music Service For Hard to Find Albums

I have been using Spotify for a few months now, and I have to say that I love it. I don’t normally talk about services or programs, but I love this. I am not being paid in any way to say this. I have barely touched iTunes since I got Spotify. There is so much […]

10 Mar

MP3’s Sound Better than Vinyl or CD’s?

I just read this post on TechDirt about how young people prefer the sound of MP3’s to other types of media. They actually like the sound of MP3’s! Well, this is why ‘young people’ don’t have a drivers license or are allowed to buy alcohol. Because they can’t think! The post author believes this is […]

11 Nov

Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch Album on CD, Vinyl and Uncompressed CD

I’ve talked about sound quality between vinyl and CD before (see this post on why vinyl records sound better than CD’s), so this story really caught my eye. If you haven’t heard, Mudcrutch is getting back together. For their new album, they are releasing on standard CD, vinyl and uncompressed CD. What? I’ve never heard […]

25 Sep

New Metallica Album is Too Loud. Many Say Unlistenable

A while back I posted “Why Vinyl Records Sound Better” which had some reasons why vinyl was better from an audio standpoint than newer CD’s. I saw a new article that has the perfect example using Metallica’s new album Death Magnetic. The Wall Street Journal carried this post saying that even heavy metal fans are […]

09 Sep

Why Vinyl Records Sound Better

I read an article today that really annoyed me. I am always reading things about how CD’s and MP3’s are the greatest thing since fire, and that vinyl is dead and should stay dead. The following excerpts are an example: “There will always be a very special place for vinyl albums. That place is called […]

05 Sep

Downloading vs Ripping MP3’s from Vinyl Records

As I’m sifting through news stories and articles looking for something to talk about, I keep coming across ads about LP to MP3 converters. What the crap? Isn’t the point of records to enjoy the high quality music? I understand that a lot of people have records, but don’t really care to listen to them. […]

28 Mar

Vinyl Albums Recorded Digitally?

I read an article this morning at the It was basically saying that digitally recorded music already has some loss of information, so why should it sound better on vinyl than CD. This is an example of bad logic. If you’ve picked up an arts section lately, you’ve probably seen a story with one […]

27 Mar

Elvis Costello’s New Album on Vinyl Only. NIN Gives You Options

That’s right, Elvis Costello is releasing his new album “Momofuku” only on vinyl album. If you buy the album, you will get a code so you can download it on MP3. There will be no CD release for this. Is this a hint of the direction of formats? Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (NIN) […]

14 Mar

Interview With a Vinyl Record Store Owner

I saw a great interview with a record store owner in Santa Cruz, California. The article was done by City On A Hill Press, a site from the University of California. It’s nice to see that there are still stores open that sell vinyl. With peer-to-peer programs and CDs making music far cheaper than buying […]

22 Feb

Collecting Vinyl Records

I’m reading this e-book about collecting vinyl records. It has a lot of history and reasons why people collect records. you can find “The Fascinating Hobby of Vinyl Record Collecting’ at Robert Benson’s blog, Collecting Vinyl Records. The one part that really stands out to me is the difference between CD’s and vinyl. It’s not […]