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29 Jun

Michael Jackson Vinyl Records

With the passing of Michael Jackson, an musical legend and era has ended. You didn’t have to really like Michael Jackson or his music, but you had to respect what he accomplished in his musical career. My brothers and I all remember where we were when we first saw the Thriller video. It was in […]

12 Jun

Led Zeppelin – 1 Vinyl Record

Led Zeppelin is one of those bands that I just don’t listen to very often. I haven’t played this record in probably over 2 or 3 years. Don’t get me wrong, I like Zeppelin, but they are a band that has a few songs that get massively overplayed by classic rock radio stations. Led Zeppelin’s […]

26 Mar

Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever on Vinyl LP

Yes! You gotta love Uncle Ted. I love his music, and crazy enough, agree almost totally with his political views. But this blog isn’t about politics, it’s about music, and I don’t think anybody loves playing music as much as Ted Nugent. From playing with The Amboy Dukes, solo, Damn Yankees, and then solo again, […]

11 Aug

Men at Work – Business as Usual on Vinyl

I love the 80’s. I really do. That’s when I grew up. I love most everything about them, especially the music. Although some of the pop music I could do without, I still think it was better than today. Men at Work is one of those iconic bands with their single “Down Under”. I’m not […]

30 Jul

ZZ Top – Eliminator Record Album

All right, time for some good hard rock. Eliminator by ZZ Top is now at Diamond status for sales. It’s not surprising as this album rocks. There are great songs such as ‘Gimme All Your Lovin” “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Legs”. You can buy this album by ZZ Top at Musicstack. Eliminator is the 8th […]

15 May

Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun – A Vinyl Classic

Yes, I own a vinyl copy of Billy Thorpe’s Children of the Sun. I love this song. It is still a radio staple, although not to the level that it once was. Billy Thorpe had big success in his native Australia, but here in the US, we really only know him for this one album, […]

27 Feb

Procol Harum – Live on Vinyl Record

This is an interesting album. Up until this time (1972), many people thought of Procol Harum as a one hit wonder with their hit song “Whiter Shade of Pale”. When they decided to do this album, guitarist Robin Trower quit the band because he did not want to play with an orchestra again. What was […]

08 Feb

Jackson Browne – Running on Empty Vinyl Album

Running on Empty by Jackson Browne is a phenomenal album. It was nominated for a Grammy, but didn’t win. I don’t really care about that. Grammy’s and Oscar’s and all those awards are worth nothing to me. I’m not being snobbish, but just because something wins doesn’t mean it’s good; and if it doesn’t win, […]

05 Feb

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery Album on Vinyl

As a keyboard player, I love Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Keith Emerson is a phenomenal pianist and composer, and it shows on this album, Brain Salad Surgery. Also check out my post on ELP’s first album, Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Yes, the title is a little different, but don’t let it scare you. It is […]

25 Jan

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother on 200 Gram Virgin Vinyl

Atom Heart Mother is, well, I was going to say one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums, but I can’t say that. I love Pink Floyd, and to say that this is my favorite, I just can’t do that. All of their albums have something that makes them great. However, this is one of my […]