29 Jun

Block and Bar Vinyl Record Cleaner

I have talked about how to clean your vinyl records before. However, I saw this post recently on Instructables.com on how to make your own Block and Bar record cleaner. Check out the link for the full version.

Basically, the guy took some Removable Putty and wraps it around a tapered dowel. Then he takes a block of wood and moves the dowel with putty around the records. He took great pictures which really show the dirt being taken out of the record grooves.

I am going to try this. He has pretty good directions on how to make this yourself. Here are a few pictures.




What do you think? Have you used anything like this? What is your favorite way to clean your vinyl collection?

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  1. Allan Says:

    Interesting idea. I miss the ritual of cleaning a disk before I put it on the turntable. I don’t get to do it very often these days.

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