15 May

Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun – A Vinyl Classic

Yes, I own a vinyl copy of Billy Thorpe’s Children of the Sun. I love this song. It is still a radio staple, although not to the level that it once was.

Billy Thorpe had big success in his native Australia, but here in the US, we really only know him for this one album, and not so much the album, but just the one song, Children of the Sun. I have listened to the album, but none of the songs, although good, really grab you. Children is just such a different song with such a different sound that it really stands out. Funny how they put it on the B side though.

Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun Album Cover

Thorpe said about the song “Thanks to the engineering skills of Emmy award winner Larry, (Laurence) Brown and Spencer’s belief in me and the project and his absolute determination to get it right, the track turned into a sonic masterpiece that stuck out like dog’s balls on the radio. It became the night time “ear phone” track on hundreds of US radio stations and was used all over the USA as the demonstration recording in major hi fi shops.”

Yes, the other songs are not that memorable, but Children of the Sun is awesome.
Here it is in MP3 form (I hope you have Flash):

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The track listing is as follows:
Side One

  • Wrapped in Chains
  • Dream-Maker
  • Simple Life
  • Goddes of the Night

Side Two

  • Children of the Sun
  • We’re Leaving
  • We Welcome You
  • Solar Anthem
  • The Beginning

I always wanted this album, and the guy I used to buy my records off of said that it was a tough one to find, but that it was worth it. “Dude, when the spaceship lands, you can hear it all around you, it’s sweet” he said. “Hearing it on CD it just sounds like a spaceship.” He had a way with words. He also always was suspiciously coming out of the back room a little too happy when we came in the store.

Anyway, he did end up finding this album for me at a vinyl record show. However, if you want this, I know they have Children of the Sun at Musicstack, so go buy it.

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