08 Oct

Aryeon – Universal Migrator 1 + 2

Sometimes at work I just set Spotify on shuffle mode in certain playlists, but other times (like today) I want an album. So this morning it was the Universal Migrator 1+2 by Ayreon. I love Ayreon’s music. Also, most anything by Arjen Anthony Lucasson. It has a great element of cheese in it, but the production quality and musical writing is excellent. The Universal Migrator albums are, I believe, the quintessential Aryeon experience. The other stuff is great, but these two albums capture his sound and essence perfectly. One of the best things about Ayreon’s music is the sound quality and engineering. His albums are beautiful to listen to. They have dynamic range, changes in style and phenomenal musicianship. Also, the second half of the album has Russell Allen from Symphony X and Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden as guest vocalists! How much better does it get?

They were not actually released as a double album, but they are a single concept story line, so in Spotify and other places they are considered one album. The first album is The Dream Sequencer, and the second album is The Flight of the Migrator. They basically tell the story of  time traveler after the destruction of Earth (very shortened synopsis).

You can listen to Ayreon – The Universal Migrator on Spotify, or buy it from Amazon (the CD version of Universal Migrator Pt 1 & 2). I would recommend buying this on vinyl with the Amazon links below.

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